Pedernales Falls State Park

Pedernales Falls State Park

On rare occasion I’ll come across a spring that I just don’t want you to be able to find.

But the tax dollars that the Texas leadership, in its infinitesimal wisdom, have not shut off from Texas Parks and Wildlife are both yours and mine. Which means I suppose you have the right to enough clues to get you at least 80% of the way there.

This spring is a double-whammy: a swimming hole plus lounging stream find. The creek bed is covered with tuchus-sized divots, inviting you to settle in and let the water wash past you. That’s what we did before swimming in the little cane-lined hole, accompanied only by the sunfish.

And that’s exactly why I don’t want you to know exactly how to get to this place. A little earlier, we were surrounded by families billygoating the rocks at Pedernales Falls, and I can only imagine what a horror show this place would be if they knew where they could actually swim, instead of staring down into turbid waters, imagining their heads being bashed against rocks.

But not far from this tempestuous river, our swimming hole can be found about a mile from the head of Wolf Mountain trail. The creek is the combined effect of a bunch of springs along its path—you can find the springs by looking for water running down the rock face into the main flow. The water coming out of the rock is a good deal colder than the water in the main stem, which is another great clue for when you’ve found a spring.

Free divers might want to explore the few deep holes along the bed, which in my mind are bottomless and therefore to be avoided.

If you find it, let me know. Otherwise, mum’s the word!

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