Crowd-funding for Springs Education

Crowd-funding for Springs Education


Over the past week I have been traveling Texas filming some of our great springs and the people working for their preservation. These are springs big and small, flowing and dry.

Their stories are our stories: They are the lifeblood of sixth generation ranches. They are the heart of little towns quickly becoming sprawling suburbs. They are the headwaters of our urban rivers.

My trip was the first step toward the next phase of Hell’s Oasis: a place where people can discover the springs they never knew existed, and in the process, learn more about the way our choices on how we use water affect the long-term survival of our springs and rivers.

I have the help of a wonderful friend and creator, Kathi Bahr, the creative force behind a Kickstarter campaign we plan to launch in the coming spring to seed fund this campaign.

Many thanks to the people who helped us tell the stories of their springs:

Paul Vickery, Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center

David Baker, Matt Heinemann and Malcolm Harris, Wimberley Valley Watershed Association

David Langford, author of Hillingdon Ranch: Four Seasons, Six Generations

Bill Cofer, Annandale Ranch

Helen Ballew, Headwaters Coalition

More soon…

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