Blue Hole, Santa Rosa, New Mexico

Blue Hole, Santa Rosa, New Mexico

Usually I write about Texas springs, but since I’m in New Mexico for the month of August, might as well share some of this state’s treasures with the world. 

One of them is the Blue Hole, 81 feet of deliciously cold water as you start the climb westward from eastern New Mexico. This is where the landscape really starts to look like New Mexico (further east and it’s really just the Texas Panhandle, West).

On the Sunday we stopped by, this place was booming—there were teenagers doing backflips, front flips and choreographed group dives, and there were dozens of scuba divers on training courses. The water is always 61 degrees, which means after a few minutes your skin starts to go numb. But it’s perfect for diver training—below the surface the springs open up to a pretty wide cavern. No way you can see the bottom from our videos, but you can get a sense of just how deep this thing is by looking for the white square decompression stations at 15 feet below the surface.

We’ll confirm it, this place is well worth the detour.

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