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Growing up in North Texas, swimming meant backyard pools and the Lazy River at Wet n Wild. After 19 years on the east coast, I’m celebrating my repatriation with an exploration of the state’s natural springs–both the living and the dead.
  •   Early morning quiet at Jacob’s Well, Hays County, #Texas. #DiscoverYourSpring (at Jacobs Well)

  •   The grotto @WestcaveATX #DiscoverYourSpring

  •   Early morning shoot at Westcave Preserve for Hell’s Oasis Kickstarter video. @kathibahr working her skills to help you #DiscoverYourSpring...

  • Thirst

    If you are in downtown Austin, swing past the pedestrian bridge over Lake Bird Lake to see Thirst, a public art project aimed at commemorating...

  • Big Spring, Texas

    I have a fascination with all springs, including those whose time has passed. I’ve been collecting a short list of the big ones, and somewhere...

  • Improbable Waters: Desert Wetlands

    I’ve recently returned to Austin after a month in New Mexico, trying to beat the August heat. As I was planning my road trip across West Texas,...

  • Did you know that Texas is home to an extraordinary collection of prehistoric rock art? This is a 3D reproduction of Panther Cave on Lake Amistad,...

  •   Five days left before I return to Texas. This is view from my neighborhood. New Mexico is okay, I guess. 

  •   Things I learned this summer: how to discern a porcini from a stomache ache inducing bolete (the bad ones turn blue where you cut them)....

  •   Henry the dog stands in his mountain spring, regarding Wheeler Peak. 

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