Monthly Archives: August 2013

  • Did you know that Texas is home to an extraordinary collection of prehistoric rock art? This is a 3D reproduction of Panther Cave on Lake Amistad,...

  •   Five days left before I return to Texas. This is view from my neighborhood. New Mexico is okay, I guess. 

  •   Things I learned this summer: how to discern a porcini from a stomache ache inducing bolete (the bad ones turn blue where you cut them)....

  •   Henry the dog stands in his mountain spring, regarding Wheeler Peak. 

  •   Today’s mission: climb 4 miles to top of mountain. Do handstand.

  •   Desert river on its way from the mountains of Colorado to the Texas gulf. But first, New Mexico.

  •   The mighty Rio Grande. Water problem? What water problem? 

  •   Lunch view of Wheeler Peak courtesy Cheyenne the horse and guide Corazon Lucero, my new Terlingua connect. I am unbelievably amped about...

  •   My friend Sarah joined from DC. She’s a Nebraska rodeo kid who saddled up and rode easy on the 4 mile climb to Gold Hill. I had hiked...

  •   Ran into these dog heartthrobs at the Taos Cow en route to a half-day horseback ride in the Taos Ski Valley. Dreamy!

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